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Design = Development. Same functionality, same sprint, different location.

Yes, that is the goal.
In the company I work for we have outsourced part of the development work to a third part company that sits quite far from Europe.
I am in the middle of the second Project developed in Scrum, after more than a year, and we are still trying to figure out how to work together, how to integrate UED better, how to culturally change. All of us.
We are 1 team, in 4 locations.

We started quite well, with the approach Design in Sprint 1 – Dev in Sprint 2.

After a couple of Sprints we figured out that it is hard to make it work. Design and Development part gets far and far as the Sprints go on.
Design is pretty much isolated – acting like a deliverables builder and feedback figure during Demo session.
The communication is not great, also following daily Stand ups or making and receiving questions on something that is not on your focus since 2 Sprints does not make things easier.

I am working closely with a PjM, expert on how to make Scrum work and we are brainstorming around how to avoid the situation where UED is an isolated resource and just works alone.

We want to get to the point where we, as a team, pick up functionality for the Sprint. This translates to Design and Development working together, hand in hand- iterating.
To overcome the physical distance matters I just ordered a Graphic Tablet to be used as a whiteboard to sketch and visually communicate with the Development side of the team. Ideally this will lead to a lot of questions, collaboration, proactive proposals and mutual exchange of knowledge.

How do you work with remote teams? How do you make communication and iterations work?

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