Who am I and what I do

Italian Designer living in Switzerland.
User Experience Designer at eBay Europe.

If you are here I guess you want to know what I do.

What I do

I believe in the power of information.
Design can not exist without knowing:
– what is the problem to solve
– who will use the product or service

Design starts when you put knowledge on paper and start having fun with it. The creative process starts, based on the data reached and the outcome of the research:
– Personas
– Scenarios
– Flow diagrams
– Features
– Information Architecture

Never stop evaluating what has been done:
– Wireframes
– Visual Design
– Prototyping
– Usability tests and observations

User Experience loves Agile culture. And I love it too 🙂
– User interface framework
– Clickable prototypes
– Lean UI Specifications
– Visual assets

Follow me: @SilviaDG_IxD

Drop me an email: silvia.digianfrancesco@gmail.com



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