Reading the book “Designing for the Social Web” by Joshua Porter I read for the first time about the Kurt Lewin’s equation:

B= ƒ(P,E)

Behaviour is ƒunction of both their Personality and their Environment.

How true is this? If you stop thinking for a moment about everyday life behaviours, this is definitely a big Truth.

The example reported is the way people use Amazon (and by on it), are the review made by users. Naked, unpaid, honest reviews. Because this is what miss in Adv and marketing in general: an opinion which is NOT stated to make money.
This is also the time of the big reviews on Youtube. Last week I had to buy a mascara and the first thing I did was to search reviews on Youtube, watching them while I was brushing my teeth (as time is the real richness, but this might be discussed in another topic).


One thought on “Social_ity

  1. We are shifting from an economy of mass market to mass customization. To thrive, companies must become agile.

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